With firms such as Framatome and BWX Technologies headquartered in the City of Lynchburg, our city is one of the leading nuclear technology clusters in the U.S. The Lynchburg area has a storied history of nuclear technology capability, starting with the original Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) facility opening in 1955. More recently, Framatome (formerly AREVA) and B&W jointly opened the Operational Center of Excellence (COE) for Nuclear Products and Services in North America, a centralized location where professionals can be sent for training in various aspects of nuclear technology and product development. In 2015, Babcock and Wilcox founded BWX Technologies to focus on nuclear operations. 

As nuclear technology and innovation further impacts alternative power generation, biotechnology, cybersecurity, and other sectors, the opportunity to grow and expand the City of Lynchburg’s technology sector is substantial. This vital sector of the economy has the potential to enhance Lynchburg’s brand and competitive identity by associating the City with innovation and emerging technologies. 

With the announcements of expansion by Framatome and Delta Star, the City of Lynchburg is a growing jobs market in the sectors of nuclear technology and innovation. Emerging partnerships between these technology focused firms and local colleges and universities fuels a pipeline of workforce, helps Lynchburg students grow in educated empowerment, and strengthens the development of pathways to jobs and careers in this technology and innovation fields. 


Working in Nuclear Technology in LYH

Shane Stimpson with BWXT 

Jacki Stevens with Framatome